Zombie-town USA

How long would it take for an outbreak to occur?

Zombie-town USA is a disease dynamics map that shows how quickly a zombie outbreak would spread from YOUR town….

Simply click on your location and watch it spread…….


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Strange Behavior – Man Sets Himself on Fire

Breaking news, today in Washington DC a man set himself on fire on top of a mall.  The cause for this strange behavior has not been determined.  For the full article, click here –  http://news.msn.com/us/man-sets-himself-on-fire-on-the-national-mall



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Zombie Game Ad Banned

The image of a couple blowing themselves up to avoid a zombie attack has been banned by the Advertising Standards Board.   The ad also depicts a zombie hanging by the neck from a tree.

The question is, is this type of visual message necessary for the average viewer to understand that this is a zombie game?  My short answer, no.  Suicide is not a message that I need in advertising, how about you?  Personally, I would be perfectly fine with a black screen, some intense sounds (maybe people running in a panic or zombie moans) and then in white block letters  “NEW ZOMBIE GAME – COMING – April 2013″.  That is enough for me.

Dead Island: Riptide is the sequel to 2011’s wildly popular Dead Island.  It is an action role-playing survival horror video game released in April 2013.

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Zombie Chase – St. Petersburg Florida

41-year-old David Allen Jensen claimed that zombies were chasing him which led him to break in to the Hilton St. Petersburg Bayfront hotel Wednesday AM wielding a piece of concrete through the window.

Jensen who is homeless was also seen attempting to open car doors in the parking lot claiming he was looking for Tobacco.

It is our belief that their probably weren’t any zombies chasing him but as the Zombie Reporter we want to bring the news to you first!

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Russian cannibal killed 53

serial-killerIf you haven’t already guessed, we are reporting on cannibal news or cannibal activities and there has been a lot of it!  Russian cannibal killed 53 from 1978 until capture in 1990 NY Daily News reports.

In 1978 their was no internet.  No YouTube to post video’s of human flesh turned cuisine, no cannibal chatrooms to discuss dark fantasies, and no place for Andrei Chikatilo to confess.

For years, he remained silent while on a 12 year spree of murder, rape, and cannibalism.  At least 53 people (maybe more) died. 

His wife didn’t have a clue.  Nor did their two children.  On the surface, he was just another Soviet man.  He was educated, hardworking, average; he was a life-long member of the Communist Party.

His “death tools” were carried securely in a briefcase.  One after another, girls, boys, and women began to disappear.  While looking for the murderer (Chikatilo) police solved over 1,000 cases.  He was named the “Forest Strip Murderer”. 

After the police gathered enough info to make a capture, Chikatilo ‘blabbed’ rather quickly confessing all of the murders and motives.  He was executed in 1994 by a single gunshot to the back of the head.

(While researching this story, we discovered a lot of details that were granular and yes, very disturbing.  We have spared you of those details.  If you need more information on this, visit the NY Daily News website)

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Cannibal in China – Eats 20

Just days after the horrible ‘face eating’ incident last summer in Florida, China news also reported a ‘cannibal monster’.  This is his story….

Horrified, the Chinese police found wine bottles with eyeballs inside as well as human flesh hanging inside of a mans home who was arrested under suspicious of murdering and eating more than 20 people.

Zhang Yongming was arrested a week or two before the horrible Florida incident and the news story emerged shortly after. 

According to The Standard in Hong Kong, the 56 year old man was believed to have eaten his victims, mostly young boys, and then sold their flesh to others.  He also fed them to his dog.


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Naked Intruder – Florida

010213+naked+intruderThursday, January 3, 2013 – Channel 6 in South Florida reports that a naked man was trespassing then decided to choke a rottweiler in the yard.  

When the home owner approached him, the completely naked trespasser tried to attack him.  The home owner shot his gun twice shooting the intruder in the leg. 

Once the police arrived, the naked man tried to bite the homeowner, police, and hospital workers. 

The intruder was taken to the hopsital and refused to identify himself.  The police believe he may have been under the influence of drugs.

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Man Bites Son To Death

2013 is the Chinese “year of the snake”.  Very appropriate for this odd turn of events.  Katsumi Nagaya, 53, killed his adult son at his apartment in Anjo, central Japan (January 18, 2013).  After his son (Takuya) claimed he was a serpent and was slithering (as well as human can slither) on the floor, Katsumi head bunted him and started biting him.

Katsumi tried to “bite his son to death” and was arrested.  He claimed that he was trying to rid his son of the snake that was haunting him.  Some reported that Katsumi was called in by his wife to rid their son of the snake possession.  He beat him through out the day until his body went limp and then called the hospital.

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Man Clubbed By Cannibal

Alexander-KinyuaAccording to a lawsuit against the Morgan State University in Baltimore, Joshua Ceasar, 23, of Egg Harbor Township, N.J., was visiting friends in a dormitory when he was clubbed by the same cannibal that was reported last year as eating another mans heart and brains.  The lawsuit states that he was clubbed just days before the cannibal attack occurred and without the help of his friends, he would have been the cannibals first victim.

[Our entry about this incident last June]

Some time has passed and more have been unveiled to the media.

Alexander Kinyua (cannibal) attacked Joshua Ceasar with a baseball bat that was armored in barbwire and chains.  After hitting him on the head (so hard that he is now partially blind) he began to drag him down the hall with a knife in his hand.  His roommates heard Ceasar screaming and were able to stop Kinyua.  He ran off in to the woods.

Several days later, Kinyua turned himself in to police stating that he had killed a man and eaten part of his heart and brain.  The victim was Kujoe Bonsafo Agyei-Kodie, 37, a native of Ghana who had been staying with Kinyua’s family.  Months before the attack, Kinyua was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia and believed reptilian aliens were coming to destroy Earth.

Ceasar’s attorney spoke of the University and the ROTC knowing of Kinyua’s increasingly bizarre and aggressive behavior as well as his obsession with “world cleansing, the end of the world, and violence”.

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Cannibal Makes Meatballs Puts Videos Online

bon appetiteThe 21 year old worked as a chef and admitted to Russian police that he had a ‘strong desire to eat human flesh’. His goal was to eat 10 people in the future.

August 30, 2011, Murmansk Russia – The killer, only known as Ivan L., used a gay dating site to lure a 32 year old man back to his flat where he killed him by stabbing him several times.  After he was sure that the man was dead, he ate him.

He did not select a gay dating site due to a hatred toward this sexual orientation, but because he felt a gay man would be more discreet and less likely to tell others where he was going.  This would ensure that Ivan L. could continue to kill without being discovered.

The victims mother went to the police after she discovered that her son was missing and showed them the dating sites that he would frequent.  It was through his communications on the website that the police were led back to Ivan L. which ultimately ended in his capture.

Ivan was so proud of his culinary achievements, he created and posted several video’s on the web including – meatballs, sausage, and rib dishes.

Yes, this story is very disturbing but I want to point out that a source that was interviewed stated ‘nothing like this has happened in Murmansk for 20 years’.  You don’t say…………




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